Industrial Cleaning


Our professional industrial cleaning services are utilised by businesses across the UK.  Whether you  require water jetting, industrial tank cleaning or plant decommissioning, an extensive and efficient clean will require specialist equipment and years of expertise.

Working with our team ensures that an excellent job is done and there’s no damage to any of the equipment, tools or materials that are being cleaned. As trained professionals, we able to carry out a range of industrial cleaning services to the high standard you would expect from a large UK company.

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Commercial tank cleaning

High Quality Industrial Cleaning

There are a range of industrial cleaning companies in the UK and you may have come across a few when you’ve been searching for help. Most of them provide a similar level of service and a similar range of services.

However, very few are able to provide the same high-quality service that we can. At Mantank, our main focus is on providing the very best service to all of our customers; regardless of business size, location or industry.

Whether you are working on a large decommissioning project or you need a one-off industrial tank cleaning service, it’s all possible with Mantank. We have a range of equipment which means we’re able to offer a broad spectrum of services including tank cleaning, chemical cleaning, sewer cleaning, drain jetting, decontamination, industrial vehicle cleaning and more. Simply, we offer whatever type of industrial cleaning you need.

We work hard to make sure that all cleaning work is completed as efficiently as possible, as to minimise the disruption to the workplace. We’re also dedicated to making sure that all cleaning work is completed safely and with attention to detail. When it comes to industrial cleaning, nothing is missed, and no corners are cut.

Industrial Cleaning

As all businesses are different, we offer our customers a completely bespoke service. We take into consideration your business needs and requirements, and we then give recommendations that best suit you. We’re well aware that industrial cleaning should never be a ‘one size fits all’ service and therefore we don’t ever approach it as such. Whether you’re looking for advice on industrial cleaning or you’re in need of a new provider, Mantank are always available to help.

When it comes to industrial cleaning, there’s no need to look any further than Mantank. With a dedicated team of professionals and state of the art equipment, we’re able to provide a range of unmatched industrial cleaning service. For more information on industrial cleaning or any of our other services, get in touch. Contact us on 0161 799 3337, 01642 618006 or online.

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