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Premium CCTV drain survey equipment

At Mantank, we provide a range of comprehensive custom services to keep your pipes and drains clear. Serving both large businesses and domestic clients across the North East and North West UK, our drain inspection cameras make unblocking drains simple. For reliable CCTV drain survey services for all industries, get in touch with the North East and North West UK’s reliable drainage team.
Mini Cam Proteus Atex2

Mini Cam Proteus Atex2 camera equipment

Features of our innovative Mini Cam Proteus Atex2 include:

● Pan and rotate camera head and auxiliary light
● Bright LED lighting with full 360 degree rotation
● Colour rear view camera to aid crawler reversing 
● Motorised elevator device allows for quick and easy centring of the camera inpipe sizes up to 1000mm
● Inbuilt inclination sensor with 2 purposes - the lateral axis is used to detect the crawler roll angle and an audible and visual warning is given by the control unit to inform the operator that the crawler could be in danger of tipping over. The longitudinal axis is used to determine pipe inclination which can be recorded as part of the survey 

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