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At Mantank we believe in providing our customers with the best solutions for their requirements, which is why we continually invest in provision of equipment to suit all eventualities. We are a professional waste management company with locations across the UK.

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Enviromental waste management

Professional Waste Management
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We also operate high air flow tankers fitted with liquid ring pumps and drain jetting units with the facility to recycle. We have a large range of ancillary equipment including HP jetting units, breathing apparatus, air tools, generators and specialist scaffolding, all available for immediate deployment enabling us to respond to emergencies or preplanned projects.

Commercial tank cleaning

In order to safeguard the availability and integrity of our fleet we operate an in-house workshop, employing franchise trained technicians, with the ability to maintain and service our vehicles and equipment 24 hours a day keeping uptime to a maximum.

As a member of the British Safety Council, safety and training are of paramount importance. We pride ourselves in the calibre of staff we employ and as such ensure they are trained to the highest standards.

Multi skilled in a variety of disciplines. Mantank operatives work in highly motivated teams led by experienced supervisors to provide the highest level of service to the client. These teams are fully competent in handling hazardous and non hazardous waste and will include personnel qualified in first aid, ADR, confined space breathing apparatus and water jetting as required.


Safety, Training and the Environment
are Paramount to the Mantank team

Mantank also employs our own DGSA qualified waste managers and fully qualified chemists who are available to give advice on the identity of materials either samples taken or from data sheets provided.

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