7 tips to keep your drainage system blockage free

7 tips to keep your drainage system blockage free

Most often a drain blockage happens at the most inconvenient time, just when you have the least time to deal with it. Often general household tasks such as cleaning, cooking, showering etc can lead to small blockages in your drainage system, which build up over time into a larger issue.

To avoid drain blockages from happening there are some simple steps that you can take to keep your drains clear:

1. Once or twice a week clear out the debris from the stoppers in your sinks and bath/shower basins, make sure to wash the stopper before putting it back into the plug hole.

2. As one of the main reasons drain blockages occur is because of hair we recommend putting a mesh barrier over the plug to prevent hair from blocking the drain. You could also try brushing your hair before washing it so loose hair has been removed prior to washing.

3. Be careful what goes down your drain, substances such as oil, grease, meat, price, hair etc shouldn’t be put down the drain.

4. To stop a build-up of grease from collecting in your drain pour hot, salty water down it regularly.

5. If you have a blockage/clog try fixing this with a plunger or even by straightening a wire coat hanger and collecting any debris this way.

6. When planting flowers make sure that they are a distance away from any drainage system pipes, this will reduce the likelihood of any roots going into the drains and causing issues.

7. Find a reliable drainage company and have yearly inspections of your drains to look for potential issues that could cause problems.

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