The Effect of Wipes on Waterways

The Effect of Wipes on Waterways

For those that work within the drainage and water way industry, the effect of wipes has always been well known. However, with the government recently announcing a potential ban on wipes, many are asking if they really cause that many problems?

A recent documentary on Channel 4 also highlighted that wipes cause 93% of sewage blockages – yes, even those that are advertised as flushable! Along with other items that shouldn’t be flushed, wet wipes are contributing to detrimental blockages within the UK’s drainage networks.

What about flushable wipes?

There’s no denying that a cleaning wipe is a lot quicker and simpler to use than using an array of cleaning products. Similarly, using a makeup wipe is a lot easier than contending with a multitude of makeup removing products. Sadly, our country’s overuse of wipes is having an effect on the country’s waterways.

A lot of wipes are advertised as being flushable however they in fact still contain a type of plastic that does not disintegrate, therefore making them one of the biggest culprits of sewage blockages.

Wipes can cause serious blockages in drainage systems, as well as within the toilet system itself. Wet wipes tend to clog together when they are wet and they can very easily become stuck to the side of a pipe. We often find when examining drainage networks that wipes have clumped together with other items (that shouldn’t be flushed either!) to create a large blockage that disrupts usual drainage activities.

Though a few stray wet wipes in the waterways may not seem to be a big problem, it can be costly. Blocked drains can be expensive to fix, especially if pipes become broken or if serious action is required. Therefore, it’s best to avoid flushing wet wipes whenever possible. Instead of allowing wipes to find their way into the waterways, dispose of them elsewhere. Not only is this better for the waterways, but it is also better for the environment.

As the government are looking to put a ban on wet wipes in the near future this problem could be eradicated however, it is important to take steps prior to this ban to improve our waterways.

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