How to safely dispose of hazardous waste

How to safely dispose of hazardous waste

To ensure the safety of yourself and others around you it is highly important to dispose of hazardous waste in the correct way.

Furthermore, there is legislation in place that outlines how different types of hazardous materials should be disposed of safely, failure to do so can often be illegal and result in large fines for the individual or company responsible.

How should I dispose of hazardous waste?

If you believe that you are dealing with hazardous materials, we would always recommend seeking the advice of a professional, they will be able to give you guidance to ensure your own safety and prevent any avoidable incidents from occurring.

Some common hazardous materials include asbestos, solvents, pesticides, oils, hazardous waste containers and chemicals, the website contains a whole section around disposing of hazardous materials which you may find useful.

If you are going to dispose of the material yourself it is important that you take all the precautions necessary to ensure the safety of yourself, others and the environment. As part of your waste management plan you should separate hazardous material from other waste so that it can be disposed of appropriately.

You also have a responsibility to remain knowledgeable about the legislation that is in place surrounding hazardous materials, you can find this information easily online.

Once you have established the type of waste you are dealing with and what precautions to take to dispose of the materials safely and legally you can make the best decision to remove of the waste.

Do you need professional advice on hazardous waste removal?

If you need to speak to a professional for advice on how to remove hazardous waste properly we can help. Simply call 0161 799 3337.