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High-pressure water jetting services require a specialist team, with an extensive knowledge of the complexities of water jetting. If you require a team to provide a range of ultra-high pressure water jetting, commercial drainage and industrial cleaning services, we are here to help.

At Mantank Environmental Services our teams utilise two water jetting techniques: high pressure and medium volume (HP) and/or ultra-high pressure and low volume (UHP). These two techniques form the basis for several applications that provide cost effective, practical, low impact and environmentally sound options for cleaning a diverse range of industrial surfaces, tanks, and vessels.

Our team are highly experienced in providing water jetting services in a variety of projects; therefore, you can feel confident when working with us. We have prioritised our team’s training in water jetting and health and safety, ensuring they are able to work in even the most complex of environments.

We have also invested heavily in our equipment to ensure we are providing the best possible service to our clients. We implement UHP water jetting services within a range of commercial projects, as a versatile service water jetting is highly sought after throughout the UK.

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Enviromental waste management

Our ultra-high pressure water
jetting services

As a member of the Water Jetting Association, our team are highly experienced and trained in water jetting projects, including the use of ultra-high pressure water jets in large scale projects.

Commercial tank cleaning

The introduction of ultra-high pressure (UHP) water jetting has increased the types of work that can be carried out successfully using the water jetting method. UHP works at pressures up to 60,000 psi (4000 bar) and speeds of Mach 1.5 and requires specialist knowledge and experience to harness its full potential.

Water jetting services facilitate the removal of surface coatings and build-up that would normally have to be removed by chemical or mechanical methods, thus reducing the need to enter confined spaces and work with hazardous materials.

At Mantank Environmental Services, our water jetting solutions have solved problems such as removing hazardous chemical waste from inside silos and concrete from drains. However, our water jetting services can also be utilised in a range of different projects, including:

• Rigid tube lancing system
• Tube bundle cleaning
• Tube bundle cleaning using rigid tube lancing systems
• Cold cutting tanks and pipe work
• Internal cleaning of pipes
• Robotic tank cleaning using rotary spinning heads
• Surface preparation for painting or coating
• Hydro demolition (concrete cutting)
• Floor cleaning
• Graffiti removal
• Industrial cleaning
• Tank and vessel cleaning
• Drain tank cleaning and blockage removal

Mantank offers cold cutting to our clients where it is necessary to cut steel, concrete or composite materials precisely, without deformation and often in hazardous areas. Since cold cutting employs water with an abrasive additive as the cutting tool, very few if any sparks are created and very little heat is generated. The technique is fast, accurate and ideal for tanks, bulkheads, pipe work and curved surfaces of all types. With the full set of tracks and guides, Mantank has the equipment to complete the full range of cuts, from linear, circular to circumferential.

Working with our water
jetting services team

Our experienced team work alongside our clients to ensure our water jetting services are fulfilling their exact requirements. As we provide the full range of industrial cleaning services, our team are also often asked to carry out multiple services on a single project. Our team are flexible and able to work with your team to ensure a seamless service, every time.

Due to the complex nature of water jetting projects, our team are regularly trained, and equipment upgraded to ensure our level of service remains high. Our team also specialise in working on large commercial projects as part of an overarching team where we are responsible for meeting deadlines and ensuring work is completed to the best possible standard.

As one of the UK’s leading water jetting providers, our clients benefit from a thorough and experienced team on their high-pressure water jetting project. If you would like to know more about the services we provide, do not hesitate to get in touch with our experienced team.

Simply call our North West depot on 0161 788 3337 or our North East depot on 01642 618 006. We can also be reached by filling in our contact form and a member of our team will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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