Drain Interceptor Cleaning

Drain Interceptor Cleaning by Mantank Environmental Services

Drain interceptors are often the final line in drainage defence. The interceptors are designed to keep out silt, debris, and sludge which causes build-up and greatly increases the risk of ground pollution and flooding.

Regular drainage interceptor cleaning ensures your site continues to operate efficiently and uninterrupted. It also ensures you meet all legal and environmental obligations against flooding and ground pollution. Mantank offers waste removal and drain interceptor cleaning services at any volume.

We are equipped with the latest board jetting equipment which makes sludge removal and interceptor cleaning a breeze. Our trained operators use advanced jetting equipment to ensure interceptors, drains, and wash pits receive a thorough cleaning.

What is an Interceptor?

An interceptor is designed to keep contaminants such as silt, oil, dirt, and dust away from the main sewer system. Regular maintenance of drainage interceptors involves cleaning and emptying.

Interceptors can be found in any sites where vehicles might leak fuel or oil into the ground. We work with clients in fire stations, supermarkets, car parks, and garage forecourts as well as industrial sites among others. These interceptors are fitted to ensure wastewater is separated from harmful contaminants.

The separated waste is retained in the interception tank. Irregular cleaning can lead to blockages due to build up of contaminants.

For effective performance interceptors need to be properly designed and fitted. Regular maintenance also plays a great role in ensuring peak performance.

The Mantank team assist with scheduling regular maintenance programs as well as keeping proper documentation to show that all waste has been correctly disposed of. Our team also ensure unseparated surface water such as run-off from cleaning activities does not pollute water sources such as rivers and groundwater.

Mantank Complete Interceptor Cleaning and Servicing

Mantank is equipped with ultra-modern, high-powered jet vacuuming technology and well as tanker equipment. Whether you need drain interceptor cleaning service carried out as part of a planned maintenance schedule or at varying intervals, our team is available upon request.

We understand that negligence in the maintenance and cleaning of drainage interceptors can results in serious economic and environmental consequences such as increased pollution, clean up costs, and government fines as well as prosecution.

Regular interceptor cleaning is an integral component in keeping your site operating efficiently. Mantank also provides emergency call-out services in the event of spillages and overflows.

Our fast and competitively-priced packages include recycling of waste water. Our expert team of engineers can handle drain interceptor cleaning at any size and volume. We also offer site visits to advice on the best installation and maintenance routines.

Get in touch with our team to speak to an expert and get a no obligation quote. Contact the Mantank team today on 0161 799 3337 or 01642 618006 and speak to an expert. Alternatively, get in touch with us via the online contact form.

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