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Mobile Filter Press- Full Service

Dewatering and waste reduction forms a core element of Mantank’s workload with cost benefits clear to both our customers and the environment. Mantank utilises both filter press technology (where the liquids and solids are separated in a large press) and centrifuges (where they are spun apart). Our mobile units are situated both across the UK and internationally and where required can be in situ for long periods of time.

Dewatering with the modern day Filter Press is the process of removing the solids from any sludge by pressing out the water; the outcome of which is a dry filter cake. The filtrate (liquid) can then either be re-used on-site or disposed of to drain. This will significantly reduce the amount of waste to be disposed of dramatically reducing disposal costs from both haulage and landfill.

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Enviromental waste management

Professional Dewatering

Mantank offers a full range of services from full contractor dewatering management to filter press hire as part of our industrial cleaning services. With the hire of filter press units we can provide relevant training to your in-house staff or provide an operator as required. We have a small mobile lab for pre-project planning and can then work with you to provide the most cost effective solution for your business.

Commercial tank cleaning

Whatever you decide, our project managers will work with you to find the most cost effective solution to your dewatering requirements with as little negative impact on your daily business as possible.

A normal dewatering example would be a customer who has 100 tons of liquid waste to dispose of, off site, of which only 10% may be solid material with the remaining 90% filtrate. With the use of mobile dewatering equipment 90tons of filtrate can be recycled back to plant, rather than transporting 100 tons of liquid off site. The alternative to dewatering is where liquid waste is disposed of in liquid form by mobile tankers for disposal either to a treatment centre or suitable landfill site. Dewatering clearly offers a more environmentally sensitive solution with the bonus of being cost effective.

Do contact us regarding all aspects of dewatering with Mantank whether it be filter presses, sludge removal, lagoon cleaning and/or waste reduction related processes.

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The process of dewatering begins when an expert from Mantank will visit the client site to carry out a site survey. A sample of the liquid waste will be taken and tested to ensure the waste can be filtered and determine the correct disposal method. It will also determine the quality of the filtrate and dryness of solid filter cake.

This process can be carried out in our laboratory or at your premises using our mobile test filter press. Once this has been completed calculations can be made and a full proposal submitted to you, the client.

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