CCTV Drain Surveys

Professional CCTV Drain Surveys

By utilising modern CCTV drain inspection cameras, our drainage team don’t need to enter the drains or sewers like they used to. Instead they can assess the issue, and even identify any potential issues that may occur further down the line, with minimal disruption.

Part of our values at Mantank is to provide a comprehensive service to our clients, which we don’t feel we can do without utilising the latest equipment. Our range of iPEK crawlers assist our drainage specialists to take clear images of drainage networks, to assess and fix issues that may be affecting normal drainage operation.

With a range of iPEX models at our disposal we can enter a huge range of drainage pipe sizes and network layouts. Designed for the use under adverse conditions the crawlers that our team use are adjustable depending on the specification on the job, so we are able to provide CCTV drain surveys in a huge range of circumstances.

We work with a huge range of companies from small local businesses through to multi-location companies and public-sector organisations.

Some of the most common issues that we find during our drain surveys are:

  • – Broken, cracked or damaged pipes
  • – Damaged seals between joints that causes substantial leaks
  • – Penetrated pipes by nearby plant or tree roots, resulting in major damage to pipework
  • – Structural damage to the pipes that has been caused by corrosion

Home Buyers CCTV Drain Survey

Are you in the process of buying a new property? It is advised to have a professional drain specialist carry out a home buyer’s CCTV drain survey prior to the completion of the purchase.

The drainage system is the most forgotten aspect of a property, however re-occurring issues with sewage and pipework can be extremely costly. By having your own CCTV drain survey carried out you will be able to assess any existing or potential issues.



During one of our CCTV drain surveys we insert one of our remote-controlled iPEX crawlers into a drainage pipe and inspect the drainage network for any issues.

If you would like to find out more about our home buyers CCTV drain survey simply contact us and we will be more than happy to provide more information.

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