How CCTV drain surveys can diagnose your drainage problem

How CCTV drain surveys can diagnose your drainage problem

Prior to CCTV drain surveys it was incredibly difficult to diagnose issues that could be going on within drainage systems, however this modern piece of kit enables our drain specialists to quickly assess and solve drainage issues for our customers.

What is a CCTV drain survey?

By using a remote-controlled camera and navigating it down a drain we can immediately see the issue that is causing the blockage, assessing how best to resolve it and ensure the smooth operation of your drainage system once again.

4 reasons to have a CCTV drain survey

Reduced disruption

Rather than having to perform a large excavation a drain specialist can identify the issue within a small-time frame, therefore causing minimal disruption.

Quick turnaround time

Once the survey has been carried out a specialist will be able to provide a quick solution in no time, therefore a CCTV drain survey has a quick turnaround time from diagnosis.

Accurate analysis

As we can see inside the drain itself on a TV screen our team are able to see exactly what the issue is, there is no guesswork involved and you are guaranteed to get an accurate diagnosis.


As we are able to identify the issue quickly and efficiently, less of our expert’s time is taken up by undergoing a CCTV drain survey. This makes the activity a highly cost-effective way or identifying an issue with a drainage system.

Do you require a CCTV drain survey?

At Mantank we have a team of CCTV drain survey specialists, so if you have an issue with your drainage system that you can’t identify we can help.

Simply call 0161 799 3337 to speak to one of our experts.