Air Flow Vacuumation Units

DISAB Vacuumation Services
by Mantank

This method of vacuumation is used for the uplifting and handling of dry materials including carbons, cement, sand, gravel, perlite, grain and many more dry/dusty materials. The dry materials can be recovered from almost any situation including carbon filter vessels, hoppers, pits, silos, tanks, tankers or loose on the ground.

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Enviromental waste management

Liquid Ring Tankers:
Heavy Sludge Removal

Mantank’s most recent addition to the dry vacuumation fleet is an articulated unit pictured. Employed as a separate unit it can uplift spilt product from the floor and blow it back into a silo. This unit can be used by branching one suction hose with other smaller hoses allowing several operatives to vacuum large dusty areas.

Commercial tank cleaning

Using the unit in conjunction with a bagging hopper the dry material being uplifted will be deposited into the bagging hopper then transferred into one tonne euro bags. Using the unit in conjunction with a vacuum skip the dry material being uplifted can be deposited into the skip until full, when it will be replaced with an empty skip. In both cases this would allow more basic transport to be used to transfer the material and leave the vacuumation equipment free to do the specialist work.

Professional DISAB
Vacuumation Services

Please contact us regarding all aspects of high level cleaning, liquid ring tankers, high airflow equipment, DISAB or related sludge, powder and silo cleaning processes.

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