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Emergency drain cleaning and unblocking when you need it most

At Mantank, we understand that not all drain complications and issues arise during business hours. That’s why we provide a responsive emergency drain cleaning and unblocking service to our North East and North West UK clients around the clock. Sleep easy knowing that, should you ever need it, you can count on our emergency drain cleaning and unblocking services. We visit suburbs in and around the North East and North West UK region 24 hours a day.
side view of the MANTANK van

Around the clock

Our around the clock service provides you with a 24-hour emergency call out convenience. Don’t get dragged down or kept up by uncooperative drains, pipes or systems - simply give our emergency response team a call to have someone visit you as soon as possible. We specialise in emergency drain cleaning and drain blocking, helping you keep your systems running smoothly. 

Day and night

Our emergency response team are available day and night, whenever you need us. If you need reliable, after hours convenience and services you can count on, our 24-hour emergency call out team are here to help. Let us take care of your emergency plumbing and drainage issues to minimise inconvenience and complications.  
Need emergency response services? 
Call us on 01642 618006 (NE) or 0161 799 3337 (NW).
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