Quality environmental services and reliable domestic & industrial cleaning in the UK

State of the art equipment for effective drain cleaning

At Mantank, we provide reliable drain cleaning services to both domestic and industrial clients across North East and North West UK. Our experts specialise in clogged drains and drain CCTV, delivering effective results and fast solutions. If you are in need expert drain cleaning, we’re North East and North West UK’s go-to team. Find out more about our advanced equipment and effective methods.

Combination JET/VACS

Our combination jetvacs are able to cope with many different cleaning situations, including: 

● Main sewer cleaning and de-sitting
● Root cutting and de-scaling
● Digester and pumping station emptying
● Deep soakaway cleaning
● Wet wells and grit chamber servicing
● Culvert cleaning
● Blockage removal
● Storm sewers 
off road tracked unit

Van jetting tracks and off road tracked units

Designed for superb performance in a very compact package. Delivering high quality combined with high performance and able to cope with the most demanding of tasks efficiently and reliably.

Our off road tracked units include:

● Hose reel capacity 250m
● Hydraulic spool valve with speed control
● Water dump valve with pressure gauge
● 1” jetting hose
● No drain too far away
● Endure any terrain
● Often used in floodplains or outfalls
● Difficult and remote access specialisations
● Great for culverts with poor access
sewer cleaning truck

Recycling units

Our specialist sewer cleaning vehicle offers continuous dirty water recycling, maximising time spent working while minimising time wasted taking on precious clean water supplies. Key benefits include:

● Self-cleaning filter system
● HP water pump specifically developed for dirty water
● No cyclone or settling tanks required
● Load sensing hydraulics
● Better utilisation of fresh water resources
● Liquid ring vacuum pump
● Hydraulically operated flip division allows for fresh water jetting options 

Heli 360-6 Tandem Mono HD

The helicopter

Heli 360-6 Tandem Mono HD

Deeper suction depths, compact guidance of suction and jetting hose, independence when working in limited space, protection from traffic and aerosol liabilities.

Key features include:
● Boom system: Helo 360-6 Tandem 
● Guide system: Mono HD
● Rotation: 360 degrees
● Lifting: 30 degrees
● Lowering: dependant on vehicle up to 10 degrees
● Extension: 3000mm
● Suction hose: 1 x 26m DN 125
● Jetting hose 1 x 300m DN 32
● Hose feed: tandem 

Find out more about our drain cleaning solutions.
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